Bringing the publishing industry to web3

Readl is the platform that provides publishers, production houses, and storytellers all the needed technology to easily mint, manage ownership and distribute any story, in any format.

Featured Universes

Universes are the places where content creators and readers can connect, collaborate, trade and enjoy digital stories with full ownership and control over royalties



A fair economic model for content creators

At Readl, we believe that creators’ intellectual property must be preserved and protected. That is why we are enabling true content ownership and royalties on the blockchain.

Own your royalties, share them with your collaborators or donate to a charity

Readl lets creators mint unbreakable NFT contracts to define the distribution of royalties, publishing rules and more.

Crowdfund your next story with the help of web 3.0

What if your future readers could invest in your story from day one? With Readl, you can publish the first chapter and fund the rest of the story with the help of the community.

Create a vibrant Universe around your story

Collaborate with other creators and the community to enhance your story with artwork, video, music, multiple endings or sequels. The possibilities are infinite.



*Just joking. It really is for everyone.

Own, earn, experience, and get involved in your favorite stories

Everyone should be able to truly own their digital book and do whatever they want with it.

You own what you buy. And you can resell it at any time.

Don’t let the books get dust on your digital shelf. Make money with the books you already own and read.

Enjoy a custom reading experience

We built a fully customizable reader for you to enjoy your NFT books.

Unique and exclusive stories editions

Collect limited editions, exclusively released on Readl, that will acquire extra value in the markets

Readl Genesis Collection

10 classics of all times beautifully illustrated by 10 emerging digital artists from all around the world.

Join the Readl Creators community

Writers, artists, editors, visionaries, collectors, and avid readers: everyone is welcome to the Readl community.

Join our community to find your next partner, to meet your favourite authors and artists and to support Readl in its mission to revolutionise the publishing industry.


We are still developing our roadmap. Stay tuned for updates.

Q1/Q2 - 2022

Fully functional NFT marketplace on Moonriver. ✅

Publish ePubs as NFTs and more collectible formats supported ✅

New reader with UI customization ✅

Q3 2022

Easy sign-up with email ✅

FIAT payment ✅

Readl Stories launch on Polygon

Q4 - 2022

Readl Books and Readl Stories platform merge

Customizable creator page

Rating and comments

... and much more


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