Re-inventing the way digital content is published, monetized, and enjoyed.

Readl provides the tools to publishers, production houses, and web3 storytellers to bring their books and stories to the blockchain.

Building the tools for the future of storytelling on web3

Readl Books

The platform for NFT books and other media built on Moonriver.

Easy onboarding for web2 users

No extra sign-up necessary. Users can create their wallets with an email address and purchase NFTs easily with a credit card.


Readl marketplace is the perfect place for readers and collectors to discover new books and content: buying, reading, and trading books and collectibles has never been so easy!

Publish your epub directly as an NFT

Inexpensive, simple and no coding skills required, Readl allows to create beautiful digital books and multimedia collectibles on Moonriver blockchain. Readl supports all main formats: ePub, mp3, mp4, png, jpg, and gif.

Customizable Reader

Instant reading access to the NFT books in your wallet. We created a customizable reader for your readers to enjoy. Everything on-chain.

Readl Stories

The tool for multimedia short NFT stories built on Polygon.

🔥 Readl Stories is out

Publish your story from anywhere and in just a few clicks

Create collectable NFTs of your short stories, poems, characters’ backstory, book chapters, and more with Readl’s mobile-friendly editor.

Multimedia Web3 Storytelling

Make your stories alive and engaging by combining text and pictures with videos, images, and sound for a truly amazing experience!

Free or gated content. It’s your choice.

Distribute your story for free or let readers collect it to unlock the full version.

Create environmentally friendly NFT stories at zero cost

Stories are only minted when someone buys them so you won’t spend a satoshi until they do.

Unlimited royalty distribution rules for unlimited creators

Define your own royalties distribution rules and reward all the creators involved in the creation process without headaches.

Polygon and Moonriver networks are both commited to carbon-free NFTs.

Why you should publish on Web3.

Create, Publish and Monetize your next work.

Guarantee Lifetime Royalties

You earn lifetime royalties from every sale that is made. By having the wallet associated in the blockchain, no one can remove this right that is yours, as content author.

Sell directly to end customer

One of the main benefits of web publishing3 is that you don't need intermediaries to sell your work to the community. Sell directly to customers and increase your profitability

Ideal for Writers, Authors, and Publishers

Be free to publish at any time and experiment and innovate with new formats and contents. With Readl NFT Stories, you can crowdfund your own work. Create stories as chapters, sell them to your community and reinvest in your next story.

We believe that technology is a tool of freedom and that it can be used to empower creators.

We see a broken system in the publishing industry—one where authors don't make enough money, publishers don't make enough money, and readers get none of the ownership they deserve. We want to change that.

We've built Readl as a platform for authors, publishers, and production houses to connect with their readers directly in new ways that offer both parties a fair deal.
Authors will be able to make more money off their work; publishers will be able to keep more of their profits, and readers will be able to own digital content for themselves.


Diego Torres

Co-founder and CEO

Nuno Figueiredo

Co-founder and Product Owner

Giulia Motteran

Co-founder and Head of Community

José Juan

Co-founder and CTO

Margarita Guerrero

Head of Publishing

Ricardo Castro

Marketing Specialist

Jhonattan Ramírez

Blockchain Lead Dev

Jesús Beltran

Blockchain Dev

Michael Chacón

Frontend Dev

Jhonny Varela

Full-stack Dev


We are still developing our roadmap. Stay tuned for updates.

Q1/Q2 - 2022

Fully functional NFT marketplace on Moonriver. ✅

Publish ePubs as NFTs and more collectible formats supported ✅

New reader with UI customization ✅

Q3 2022

Easy sign-up with email ✅

FIAT payment ✅

Readl Stories launch on Polygon ✅​

Q4 - 2022

Readl Books and Readl Stories platform merge

Customizable creator page

Rating and comments

... and much more


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